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QUALITY FLY Aviation Academy is a BRITISH overseas investment in SPAIN with head offices in London, and Flight Operations and Customer Service Centre in Madrid. The company is approved in accordance with European EASA Part-FCL regulations. Among the Company Management Board is included a team of aviation experts, all with pilot training backgrounds, and renowned airline experience.

With administrative and head offices in London (United Kingdom), and flight operations and training facilities in Madrid (Spain), QUALITY FLY is strategically located in Europe's most ideal flight training environment. We operate and maintain our fleet in accordance with European EASA regulations, and offer the future student pilot a unique learning opportunity where safety is the number one priority.

Our training management team comprises aviation experts from Europe's major airlines. Providing personalised individual tuition, our philosophy is to train future professional pilots to the standard required in order to ensure the highest level of technical, non-technical, situation awareness, and decision making knowledge and skills. At QUALITY FLY Aviation Academy we understand the competitive and challenging demands of both today's airlines, and our customers.

Upon the customer's request, at QUALITY FLY Aviation Academy your pilot's licence maybe issued by the UK or Spanish Civil Aviation Authority.
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