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Welcome to a Career with QUALITY FLY Aviation Academy

Flight Instructor Vacancies

We are currently accepting applications for the position of FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR (FI).

Job Description

All QUALITY FLY Flight Instructors are responsible to the Chief Flight Instructor and Head of Training as part of our flight instructor team, taking individual responsibility for each flight operation as an instructor. Our flight instructors are also responsible for the safe and consistent delivery of our quality training services in accordance with our internal policies and procedures.

Job Requirements

  • Hold an EASA Commercial Pilot License with Single-Engine, Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings
  • Hold an EASA Flight Instructor Rating (with or without restrictions)
  • Be physically fit and hold a EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Hold an ICAO Level 4 (or greater) certificate of aviation language competency in English
  • Have the right to live and work in Spain without restriction
  • Hold a passport that permits free travel through the EU without restriction
  • Have a good standard of education
  • Have excellent communications skills in English (and preferably also in Spanish)

Key Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for the safe operation of the aircraft and safety of its occupants during flight time when acting as pilot in command of the aircraft
  • Ensure that all operational procedures are complied with in accordance with the QUALITY FLY Operations Manuals
  • Ensure that a pre-flight brief and post-flight de-brief is completed with the student pilot in accordance with the corresponding training manual
  • Ensure that all student pilots follow approved company operational procedures
  • Provide quality training to our student customers in accordance with the corresponding manuals
  • Endeavour to maintain outstanding operational excellence and efficiency at all times

Application Process

To apply for the job of Flight Instructor with QUALITY FLY, you will need to send us an updated copy of your curriculum vitae (in PDF format). The CV must contain a photograph of yourself. The CV should include information on your current qualifications and professional experience.  The CV should ideally be just one page, and should not occupy more than two A4 pages using a minimum size 10 font.

Together with your CV, you will need to send us a cover letter (in PDF format), in English, explaining why you would like this job and what makes you the ideal candidate. You should also try and explain what you can offer to QUALITY FLY to help make us become a successful training organization. The cover letter should not be more than one A4 page using a minimum size 10 font.

Should we consider your application, you will be invited to participate in our flight instructor assessment process.

Assessment Process

As a training organization endeavouring to provide the best quality service to our customers, we are looking for flight instructors with high personal standards and dedication. To this extent candidates looking for the opportunity to take up a position as a Flight Instructor with QUALITY FLY will need to successfully pass our assessment process. The assessment process is a three-phase process consisting of the following:

As a candidate you will perform a classroom lecture on a specific aviation topic. A varied list of topics will be provided to you prior to the assessment day and you will be able to choose any topic of your choice. White board and projector facilities will be provided.

A personal interview will be conducted by the Head of Training together with a member of the Management Team to discuss your CV and experience to date. You will be required to give a short brief on one of the EASA PPL syllabus air exercises (as per EASA-AMC). The air exercise to be briefed will be selected by the Head of Training. White board facilities will be provided.

A flight check and/or simulator check will be scheduled, where you will be required to fly a short flying exercise, operating the aircraft in accordance with the privileges of your licence and ratings, and performing to the required standard. Prior to the assessment a familiarization flight will be scheduled so that you can familiarize yourself with the aircraft/simulator. The assessment flight profile will also be provided in advance.

On completion of the assessment process you will be informed on the outcome of your assessment within 15 days.

What QUALITY FLY offers you

A world of different motivations lie behind the lives of professional flight instructors. Whether your goal is to build up your experience level for that ultimate achievement of becoming an airline pilot, or whether you consider yourself a dedicated career instructor, or even if you would just like to instruct on a part-time basis, QUALITY FLY has a place for you.

QUALITY FLY, as an organization, is fundamentally structured in a similar manner to a small airline, and can offer you, as a flight instructor, a unique opportunity to belong to a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals, where you can further develop your professional knowledge and skills. Here is just a handful of some of the advantages that come with instructing within our innovative training environment:

  • Choose when you fly - your flying schedule is designed according to your availability. You will benefit from attractive lifestyle options thanks to our flexible rostering system.
  • Realtime pay. In accordance with our internal pay scheme, when instructing, you will be paid for both ground time and flight time.
  • Career development and support - we offer you the chance, and also encourage you to develop your career within our organization.
  • Multiple destinations - flight Operations are based in Madrid. Unlike many other training organizations that restrict cross-country flying destinations, we encourage our instructors to fly anywhere reasonable within Europe and/or north Africa as long as this is conducted in accordance with our internal manuals and procedures.
  • Proficiency training - the standard that you maintain as an instructor is representative of our organization. We provide our instructors with regular training in order to maintain the highest standards of operation and proficiency.
  • Airline organizational structure - our internal structure, similar to that of a small airline, will prepare you, at a highly professional level, for your future career as an airline or charter pilot should that be your goal.
  • Team playing - our open culture, where respect and equal opportunities is foremost in our priority as a business, will give you a level of job satisfaction not usually associated with the world of flight instructing.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for the position of Flight Instructor with QUALITY FLY Aviation Academy, you should write to people@qualityfly.com following the instructions detailed in the Application Process section above. We do NOT accept applications sent by ordinary mail. Please send your application by email ONLY. In the email subject line please write "FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR APPLICATION".

Unfortunately we are unable to reply individually to applicants and we do NOT discuss applications over the phone. Should you be offered an assessment we will contact you directly to discuss suitable dates.

We wish you the best of luck with your flying career!